How to Pick the Best Wheels for Volkswagen Amarok

Are you keen on giving your lovely Volkswagen Amarok wheels vehicle a new and stylish look? If yes, then you may have reasons to look for the right range of wheels that could make it look stylish and sophisticated. While Volkswagen would have recommended the right specifications of wheels for their Amarok care, you could make some cosmetic changes to it without compromising the overall integrity and safety of the care. Here are a few of the important points that you must keep in mind when you are buying wheels for your car.


Have a Fix on Your Taste and Preferences


While there is nothing wrong in buying slightly different looking wheels for your Volkswagen Amarok, make sure that it is not clashing with the overall specifications, and also the safety attributes. Once this has been ensured, you can look at various designs and looks. You could come across many such designs. You must do your research and make sure that you have a reasonably good fix on the preferences and tastes that are close to your heart and mind. But more importantly, never compromise on the basic specifications in terms of size, a diameter of the wheels, the fitting accessories, nuts, and bolts amongst other things.


Size & Diameter


As mentioned above, size and diameter are extremely important points that one should bear in mind when buying wheels for your Volkswagen Amarok car. Standard wheels measure between 14 to 16 inches in diameter and there could be some minor changes to it. Never take things for granted and go strictly as per the size specifications mentioned by the car manufacturers. Even small changes could lead to problems and it also could impact the overall safety and stability of the vehicle, especially when driving in off-road and tough terrains.


Importance of PCD – Pitch Circle Diameter


PCD or Pitch Circle Diameter also is known as stud pattern. It is basically the distance between studs. Do not buy wheels that have different stud patterns as compared to your original wheel. The common stud diameters range from 100 mm to 120 mm. Here again, always go by the specifications prescribed by Volkswagen, especially for their Amarok model. The number of studs should also be the same as it is there in the original wheel that came with the car when you first drove it home. Do not allow any deviations on this.



Apart from the above, there are also other important attributes that must be kept in mind. These include width, offset, and clearance. If you are not clear about the specifications, take help from an OEM. It would be always advisable to also buy the wheels for your Volkswagen Amarok from OEM suppliers and dealers.