Why a virtual office address in Melbourne is critical for your business

Some new entrepreneurs and business owners might think that the only alternative to brick and mortar offices is to use their home address as a business address and to receive clients or customers in their home office or, even worse, a cafe. Yet, this choice might be risky as it can restrict a companies growth and expansion. 


Every business needs a professional appearance. If a business owner cannot afford to rent or buy a physical office or does not consider this necessary for any reason, a virtual office address might be a convenient and affordable solution. Melbourne offers various business and investment opportunities and therefore any entrepreneur that is looking to lift their company above the competition by constantly improving its image and the products or services offered to customers should look to have a presence in the great city.

3 Reasons Why A Business Needs A Virtual Office Address In Melbourne

  • A business that appears more professional than one of its competitors will typically outsell them in most scenarios – especially in the second most developed city in Australia 


Melbourne houses several Australian companies, from large corporations to mid-size companies and startups. Competition is high. A business needs a professional image in order to capture customers’ interest in a specific product or service. The image a company portrays sends an important message to clients. A virtual office address in Melbourne, located in the heart of the city, will create that first best impression for every customer (which a simple home address cannot create). In a few words, a virtual office address can help entrepreneurs and business owners handle competition in one of the most developed and wealthiest cities in Australia, where customers are spoilt for choice.  


  • Keep family and business details separate: not even a safe city like Melbourne can provide complete security


The city of Melbourne is one of the safest cities in comparison to other capital cities in Australia (or even the world). However, this does not mean that an entrepreneur should let everyone know the address of where they live (anyone can know the address of a company by simply checking ASIC’s public records). In a perfect world, the communication between a business owner and a client or a supplier should be smooth and flawless. But sometimes, dealing with angry, emotional, frustrated, or difficult customers is unavoidable. This is the main reason why family and business details should be kept separated and entrepreneurs should never take the approach of using their home address for business purposes.  


  • In a city that offers several business opportunities, face to face meetings can make all the difference


Some of the virtual offices in Melbourne also provide meeting rooms and boardrooms. In an economy as diversified and as multi-cultural as Melbourne, face to face meetings remains important, as they build credibility and trust. Traditional meetings bond relationships. A business owner who meets a client for the first time in a home office might not build enough trust because a home office cannot be as professional as a physical office or a meeting room provided by a virtual office. Alternatively, they could meet at a cafe, but finding a quiet place suitable for a business meeting can be quite a challenge. 


And, renting or buying a physical office is not always financially or logistically viable for startups, small and mid-size businesses, especially in a city like Melbourne, where prices can be extremely high. A virtual office address offers an affordable alternative to brick and mortar offices. 


In a nutshell, a virtual office address will give a more professional image to a business, which can help business owners handle the competition. At the same time, a virtual office address can provide business owners with the opportunity to keep their family and business details separate, as well as to have an important face to face meeting in a professional environment. Sometimes, success can come from simple solutions.