LED Reverse Lights For Vehicles – Are They Useful?

Cars and other vehicles are usually moving in the forward direction, yet there are times when the car has to move backward, in the reverse direction. The vehicle is reversed mainly while parking or removing it from the area where it has been parked. There are many other vehicles which may be using the same roads or parking area and these vehicles are expecting the vehicle to move forward so that they can drive their vehicle accordingly. So if the vehicle is being reversed, other vehicles in the area should be alerted so that they can drive their vehicle accordingly. Hence the vehicles are fitted with reverse lights to alert other drivers.

Many new drivers, and vehicle owners are told that they should keep their reverse lights in good condition, for vehicle safety, so they would like to find out what are LED reverse lights. The reverse lights are the lights in the vehicle which will automatically light up when the vehicle is being reversed to alert drivers and people in the area. The lights are connected to the reversing mechanism of the vehicle. Though the lights will be switched on during the day and night during reversing, they are more easily visible during the night, when it is dark to alert people so that they can move away.

Typically these lights were using xenon bulbs which are easily damaged. Hence in the last decade, with advances in Light emitting diode (LED) technology, increasingly LED reverse-lights are being used. These are more durable, since they do not contain glass which can be easily broken. Additionally the power consumption of the LED lights is also very less compared to other bulbs, due to greater efficiency. The light emitted by these bulbs is usually white in color. Users should be aware that the LED reverse-lights are designed for illumination for only a short period of time, they may fail if used for other applications.

The reverse lights with LEDs are available with LED chips to give different levels of illumination. These reverse lights are designed for a voltage supply of 9 to 30 volt. The maximum Lumen output for a particular part number of LED light is usually specified. The body of the reverse light is made from aircraft grade aluminum to reduce weight and greater durability. The LED lights are designed to replace the Xenon bulbs in most vehicles, and usually the socket type is also specified. Installation of the reverse lights is a simple process, they only have to be plugged in and do not require much maintenance.