What Is A Pixel LED Controller Board

The computer-controlled light displays for parties or during Christmas time look quite amazing and many people wonder how all these beautiful lights come about. The gadget behind these beautiful wonders is to look here for pixel controllers LED board.


For one to come up with the flashing lights, three things are required which are the lights, the control circuitry, and sequencing. You need to arrange the lights from different props snowflakes, stars, mega trees, and more. After that, you need to couple the lights with controllers and power supplies to make them work as you desire or expect. A special computer software commands the controllers when to turn on and off the lights according to the music selected to play at the time. This component is the main core of every light show. You cannot pick this component in a common store like Walmart. However, many companies make this pixel LED controller board.

Whenever you need the wonderful lights displayed, and you have the required components in place, it’s quite easy to run everything else. All you need to do is on the controller side, tell it what configuration of pixels attached to what output port. If you wish, adjust the brightness and pixel order. Each controller has its configuration either through the web or a dedicated program. This is where the pixel LED controller board comes in. Your laptop or computer should be on the side to store or save the sequences and audio data for the show. However, it’s recommended that you use a show computer because of cost and accessibility. The commonly used computer with a pixel LED controller board is a Raspberry Pi with Falcon Pi Player software.

Treat yourself with a pixel LED controller board for your home-based parties, and or during Christmas time. You won’t regret having this amazing gadget.